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Reynolds Engineering Company is a civil engineering/surveying firm specializing in local municipal infrastructure design, residential subdivision design, site layout, as well as boundary and topographic surveys for commercial and private developments. We also provide structural and foundation design for commercial and residential buildings. We are selective in the projects to which we commit, allowing us to maintain our reputation for being available to our clients and completing projects within budget and time constraints.

The company was established in 1996 with a vision of providing high quality civil engineering and surveying services in the San Luis Valley. We believe by working closely with the owner and architect in the planning stages, and with the contractor during the construction stage, improvement projects can be developed and constructed that meet the expectations of the owner, the engineer and the community.

As a licensed surveyor, Martin Reynolds is actively involved in the design survey and base mapping portions of each project. This allows him to see first hand the topography of the site, to evaluate the existing structures and identify problem areas that may require special consideration in the design of the improvements. It is a considerable advantage for the design engineer to be directly involved with the design survey and base mapping of any improvement project.

Martin Reynolds is a principal in the company and is licensed as a surveyor and engineer in Colorado. He is currently serving his 6th term as Conejos County Surveyor.

Kenneth Reynolds joined the company after graduating from the University of Wyoming in 2014. He is a Professional Engineer and principal in the company.

Lori Reynolds has been a principal of the company since 1996. She is the lead surveyor as well as the office manager.

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